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Tony Nasca
Dove Net Technologies, LLC

SecurityStockWatch.com: Thank you for joining us today, Tony. Please give us an overview of your background and a brief company history.

Tony Nasca: Originally I was a Systems contractor in the Washington DC area. I had 20 employees and we provided various services in the AV, Sound, Health Care, and Data industries. Around 1983 I had a problem and that was the need for a software to help me better manage my business. At night I started developing a system for myself. I ran a AV company during the day and wrote a system for myself at night. In 1985 I sold my first system to a local client and then attended a trade show NSCA and the following year sold 10 systems. Now we have hundreds of companies all over the US and Canada using what is now called The Project System®.

SecurityStockWatch.com: One will read on DoveNet.com that, “The Project System is the Complete Business Computer System for Contractors and Integrators. Companies that install: sound systems, nurse call systems, fire alarm systems, computer cabling, burglar systems, cctv, video systems, and systems contracting in general. Other companies that are using Project include Video Wholesale Distributors, Audio Visual Specialists, Video & Film Duplicators, Telephone System Specialists, and more”. Care to elaborate regarding the major benefits?

Tony Nasca: The major benefit that The Project System brings to the table is the that The Project System has been written in such a way that the software understands the business needs of these different industries and provide tools and feature sets to aid the contractor in running his business better.

The most important aspect of The Project System is that The Project System provides a process flow to organize the company so that there is a standard process for quotes using Dove Net supplied Manufacturers Price Lists. You can also import your own price lists into The Project System. Quotes can be printed or emailed when in-face delivery is not required. Then when the quote is accepted, the system takes that quote through the process of Inventory Control, Purchasing, Job Cost, Shipping, any Billing. Additionally, The Project System provides Project Management, Service Management, Maintenance Contract Management, Serial Number Tracking, Document Management, Change Order Controls and many other capabilities all designed to bring efficiencies to the company.

Then just as important, the data from The Project System is transmitted to many accounting systems so that there is a seamless connection between The Project System and Accounting. Accounting Systems include: QuickBooks®, Peachtree®, MAS90/200®, ACCPAC®, MYOB®, Open Systems®, Timberline®, Data Pro®, Great Plains® and others.

SecurityStockWatch.com: In this challenging economic environment - what is you value proposition?

Tony Nasca: In simple terms, using The Project System, you will do more with less. Our System helps your staff do faster and more accurate quotes, using up-to-date Price Lists. Next, our system helps you better manage your inventory and streamline the purchasing process. Generally speaking your purchase efforts take half the time it normally takes. For large companies, this means literally half the staff needed for purchasing. Just-In-Time inventory is a reality. The system automatically helps you reduce your inventory.

Our System also streamlines the communication between the different staff members eliminating many phone calls and emails. The Notification System automatically notifies sales and project management when items have come in for their projects so that they can run their projects more efficiently. Other notifications can be setup for: Order Parts Requests, New Service Tickets, Shipping To Do, Invoicing To Do, etc.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Congratulations on the testimonials from very satisfied customers. It’s quite impressive that many of your customers have been with you for 10 years or more. Are there 1 or 2 success stories you’d like to talk about?

Tony Nasca: On our web site “Client’s Rave About The Project System" there are stories behind each one of these clients.

One of the often talked about stories is the Sound Com / Paladin story. Sound Com had purchase Project in 1990 on a Unix Platform and Bob Myers was the Sales Manager at Sound Com. In 1999, Bob move to Paladin and within one week changing companies, Bob called me and wanted to implement Project at Paladin. The funny part of this story is that Paladin had already purchase The Project System but not yet implemented it. The important part of this store is that Bob knew that he needed The Project System to help him do is job better and immediately implemented Project at Paladin. Now they are both long term customers using The Project System helping them to run their companies more efficiently from quoting all the way through Billing.

Another not-so-obvious story is that The Project System caters to both Large and Small Companies. If you look closely at the “Client’s Rave About The Project System" page, you will see both large and small companies. The Accounting System is the indicator as to the size of the company (QuickBooks / Peachtree) for the smaller companies ($1M – $10Million) and the other accounting system for the larger companies. Some clients have as low as 5 staff members to our largest SPL, a former customer for 8 years, had 300 staff members. At SPL, The Project System was used to manage purchasing on a monthly basis and where from $6Million to $12Million PER MONTH. So the story here is that The Project System performs equally well from the very small companies to the very large companies, and we have many companies in between, 10, 20, 30, users and more.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Is there an online demo available for The Project System?

Tony Nasca: Yes if you go to http://www.dovenet.com/DemoProject.htm you will see a series of demo videos that takes you through the various aspects of The Project System. Additionally, there are other videos to demonstrate special aspects of The Project System such as our Laptop Work Order System and our New Mobile Application, Technicians Schedule, Email Notifications, Serial Number Tracking and many others. We also offer on-line / live demonstrations.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Are there any new features of The Project System you’d like to discuss?

Tony Nasca: The Hottest / Latest development is TPS Mobile TPS Mobile. The current release of TPS mobile has two aspects:

For Sales and Project Management, you can track projects on your Smart Phone or iPad. Literally look up a project and see status of items on a project including: Pricing, Order Status, Shipping Status, and more. Additionally, you can start a Service Ticket and send it to a technicians.

For Service and Projects, your Techs can complete a service ticket including materials used, billing labor, and Client Signatures. The client receives a receipt electronically via email, and the Service Ticket is immediately ready for billing back at the Office. Literally an after-hours tech can start a service ticket on Saturday night on their cell phone and the Invoice can go out on Monday morning. Additionally, part of closing out of a service ticket or Project via TPS Mobile is the ability to capture job cost time. This eliminates manual posting of time against both service and projects giving you very accurate Job Cost data.

SecurityStockWatch.com: What is the initial cost and cost to renew?

Tony Nasca: For budgetary purposes plan to invest between $1250 - $1750 per user. For companies over say 4 or 5 users, we provide on-site training and configuration / integration. You will be interested to know that we have 42+ modules available to cater to all aspects of the contractor’s needs. Our system can also be purchased via leasing. See http://www.dovenet.com/orderinfoprices.htm

As far as reoccurring charges we offer / suggest our Software Maintenance Contract which includes un-limited email and phone support, automatic updates to the software and emergency recovery support on server crashes. The Calculation for the Software Maintenance contract is based on 20% of the Software cost excluding the installation charges. Additionally being on support entitles you to conversations with myself or my training and support staff to help you get more out of The Project System and help you better integrate The Project System into your company. We also offer custom programming to build specific features/modules to meet our client’s growing needs.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Any other new applications on the horizon?

Tony Nasca: Future Development with TPS Mobile: Soon to be release is Quick Quotes™ on TPS Mobile. Now your Sales Staff will be able to create a quote on their cell phone or more appropriately an iPad and close the deal right on site. The Quick Quotes system will be perfect for the short/fast quotes for Alarm Systems, CCTV Sales, and other impulse type purchases.

SecurityStockWatch.com: What resources and support are available for end-users on DoveNet.com

Tony Nasca: On a Self Service basis, your staff can view our training videos on-line. Additionally, when on our Software Maintenance Contract, you have un-limited phone and email support. We offer on-site and remote training to help you better use The Project System.

SecurityStockWatch.com: Thanks again for joining us today, Tony. Are there any other subjects you would like to discuss?

Tony Nasca: This may sound ridiculous but we totally enjoy helping our clients improve their companies. When my trainer or myself are on-site doing training, it’s amazing to watch the staff change their view of changing to a new system. Yes, it is painful to change systems but when the “Lights-Go-On” and everyone see the benefits that Dove Net / The Project System brings to the table, everyone gets very excited, including myself.