Mr. Mark Wood
Dell SecureWorks

Mr. Dean Meyer
Pelco by Schneider Electric

Dr. Guido Jouret

Mr. Steve Dentinger
Keyscan Access Control Systems

Mr. James McGowen

Mr. Steven K. Sprague
Wave Systems Corp.

Mr. Joseph E. Hauhn
ADT Security

Mr. Bill Bozeman, CPP, CHS
PSA Security





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We are proud to share with you these exclusive thought leadership interviews with key security industry leaders:

Mr. Mark Wood, Product Manager, Cloud Security, Dell SecureWorks
Mr. Dean Meyer, President, Pelco by Schneider Electric
Dr. Guido Jouret, Vice President and general manager of Cisco’s Emerging Technologies Group
Mr. Steve Dentinger, Director of Marketing, Keyscan Access Control Systems
Mr. Alfredo Herrera Hernandez, Chief Executive Officer, Cognitec Systems
Mr. James McGowan, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, Videx
Mr. Steven K. Sprague, President and CEO, Wave Systems Corp.
Mr. Joseph E. Hauhn, CTO and VP of Industry Relations, ADT Security Services North America, Chairman - Security Industry Association
Mr. Bill Bozeman, President and CEO, PSA Security Network

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Mr. Mark Wood, Product Manager, Cloud Security, Dell SecureWorks told us, "Our purpose-built security platform enables us to filter, correlate and analyze more than 29 billion events across our global customer base every day. We're also well known for our Counter Threat Unit research team, which includes some of the most experienced security experts in the industry. We use our correlation algorithms and our skilled staff to identify threat activity on customer networks as benign or hostile and to assign a level of severity to the hostile activity. The net is that if we call you, you know it's worth your immediate attention and if we don't, you know you can sleep easier."

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Mr. Dean Meyer, President, Pelco by Schneider Electric, told us, "With a long and prestigious history offering high-quality, innovative products and exceptional customer service, Pelco by Schneider Electric has become the most sought-after brand in the video security industry. Pelco by Schneider Electric is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems ideal for any industry – the most respected offering of camera domes and enclosures, megapixel IP and HD cameras, video management systems, next-generation DVRs / HVRs, integrated cameras, positioning systems, thermal imaging for security, and much more."

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Dr. Guido Jouret, Vice President and general manager of Cisco’s Emerging Technologies Group, told us, "We are committed to accelerating the physical security industry toward all-IP solutions because we believe this creates greater efficiency and flexibility for customers.

We are also committed to using our expertise in networking and virtualization to automate the deployment of physical security solutions. This is the innovation the industry has been waiting for, and we intend to lead the way."

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Guido Jouret explains what medianets ( are and how companies can deploy video with a media architecture.

Guido Jouret discusses Cisco Connected Physical Security ( solutions.

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Mr. Steve Dentinger, Director of Sales and Marketing, Keyscan Access Control Systems, told us, "Many end-users are guarding their capital expenditures and with staffing levels at an all time low employers are seeking ways to optimize staff productivity and stay focused on the core competencies of the business. Centrally Managed Access Control addresses may of the concerns of business owners today; they don't need an access control administrator, they don't need an onsite computer, they don't need to manage/maintain the access control database, they don't need to perform software updates, all this and if they desire, they can lock/unlock doors, run reports, add or delete access permissions all via an internet connection using their smartphone, iPad, or laptop without any special software.

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Mr. Alfredo Herrera Hernandez, Chief Executive Officer, Cognitec Systems, told us, "Face recognition applications are moving from analyzing still images to recognizing faces in real-time via video cameras. These applications bring new challenges to recognition engines. Video cameras usually produce images with lower resolution. Inside buildings and venues, people move quickly and in groups, they rarely look directly into the camera, or their faces are hidden by hats, objects, and other people. Therefore, we are concentrating our algorithm development on low-quality facial images, with faces turned sideways, up and down, or partially hidden, and on the speed of our recognition engine. Our latest algorithm B6 shows significant improvements in these areas."

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Cognitec Company Video:
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Videx shared with us the following success story.

The Amsterdam Metro is a mixed rapid transit and light rail system in Amsterdam, and its surrounding municipalities Amstelveen, Diemen, and Ouder-Amstel in the Netherlands. The network is owned by the city of Amsterdam and operated by the Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf (GVB), the company that also operates trams, ferries, and local buses.

In the Amsterdam underground, a cylinder has a lot to endure; it must be resistant to various sorts of stress such as violent burglary attempts, vandalism, manipulation, corrosion, and rough handling. And even if it is strong enough to withstand all of these, the life of a lock can be severely shortened if a vital key gets lost. Frank de Vries, Manager of the Amsterdam underground stations, said “We used to have a mechanical lock system, but we were constantly facing problems with it, due to keys getting lost. Since replacing all cylinders would be a rather costly affair, we only replaced those that the lost key could open. However, that way, we eventually ended up with huge key rings.”

The GVB made the decision to install CyberLock after doing research on several options. Initially, CyberLock was received with scepticism, but that attitude soon changed. There were only a few complaints from managers who were no longer able to open certain doors – doors they should not have been able to open to begin with. “Within a month, all cylinders had been replaced, including those in doors with very uncommon profiles. We have not had to adjust a single lock, and the installation of the cylinders was easily done by our own locksmith,” stated De Vries. For more information, please click here.

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On May 29, 2012, Wave Systems Corp. ("Wave") signed a 15-year Software License and Distribution Agreement with Samsung Electronic Co, Ltd ("Samsung") permitting the distribution of Wave's Embassy® Security Center (ESC) and TCG Software Stack (TSS) software technology with Samsung devices that include a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Wave will receive a per-unit royalty based on Samsung's sales of products that are equipped with or include Wave's software technology. The contract does not provide for guaranteed minimum or maximum shipped quantities or royalties.

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See Wave's "White Paper" Network Security: How to Defend an Infinitely Expanding Frontier:
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For more information: NASDAQ: WAVX

Mr. Joseph E. Hauhn, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Industry Relations, ADT Security Services North America, Chairman - Security Industry Association, told us, "2011 was a year of significant change and progress for the organization. The first annual Security Week was held in New York City in November and included the Securing New Ground conference - the first since SIA acquired SNG.

SIA Standards released Roadmap 2.0, a revised standards strategy that focuses on harmonization of industry standardization and specification initiatives. SIA Research launched the SNG Business Intelligence Service, an online portal providing SIA members and others with financial information on the Security Sector.

The Government Relations department made a significant impact by working to exempt manufacturers from proposed energy-efficiency legislation, which was signed by President Obama in January 2010. The legislation exempts electronic security companies from the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007. SIA was able to engage and convince the Department of Energy (DOE) and energy conservation stakeholders to provide an exemption from meeting a misguided energy efficiency requirement, ultimately resulting in considerable savings for SIA members."

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PSA Security Network® announces the date and location of its 2013 industry-leading education and networking event, PSA-TEC. PSA-TEC offers physical security professionals the opportunity to earn or maintain industry credentials, as well as build their knowledge and professional network in business optimization and acumen, the latest technologies, managed services, leadership development, and much more.

PSA-TEC 2013 will be held from May 6 -10, 2013, with the exhibit hall open on Wednesday, May 8, at the Westin Westminster in Westminster, Colorado. Early bird registration is set to begin on February 18, 2013 and end on April 19, 2013.

“PSA-TEC is truly one-of-a-kind and is open to all security professionals, from the integrator to the end-user. The 2012 event exceeded the expectations of PSA-TEC attendees and event sponsors, and we fully expect PSA-TEC 2013 to continue the tradition of constant improvement,” stated Bill Bozeman, President and CEO of PSA Security Network. “We are proud to be able to bring together elite professionals and visionaries from the security industry to learn about the latest specialized technologies, industry developments, and business management techniques. There is something of value here for personnel at any level of the organization.”

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More than 20,000 security professionals will head to Philadelphia this September 10-13 for the most exciting, informative, and innovative security event of the year—ASIS 2012 ( If you are responsible for protecting human, logical, or physical assets for your organization, city, or nation—you can’t afford to miss ASIS 2012. It is here that you will discover what’s changed, what works, and what’s next in the industry.

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