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Mr. George Romas
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Mr. Robert Sawyer
AMAG Technology

Navy Rear Adm. (Ret.) Elizabeth A. Hight
HP Enterprise Services U.S. Public Sector

Mr. Richard S. Brent

Mrs. Ulrica de-Fort Menares

Mr. Thomas Carnevale
Sentry 360

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Mr. Michael Harris
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We are proud to share with you these exclusive thought leadership interviews with key security industry leaders:

Mr. George Romas, Technical Director, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, U.S. Public Sector, HP Enterprise Services
Mr. Robert Sawyer, President & CEO, AMAG Technology
Navy Rear Adm. (Ret.) Elizabeth A. Hight, Vice President, Cybersecurity Solutions Group
Mr. Richard S. Brent, C.E.O, Louroe
Mrs. Ulrica de-Fort Menares, Director of Product Management for Cisco Medianet
Mr. Thomas Carnevale, President and CEO, Sentry360
Mr. Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO, ImageWare Systems
Mr. Michael Harris, Chief Technology Officer, Precise Biometrics
Mr. James McGowan, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, Videx
Mr. Davin A. Roos, Principal, Keep Your IP
Mr. Bill Bozeman, President and CEO, PSA Security Network

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Mr. George Romas, Technical Director, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, U.S. Public Sector, HP Enterprise Services, told us, "There's a collision between culture, technology, and security. Solutions over the past decade have centered around collaboration, common infrastructure, and information sharing. As threats and vulnerabilities have become more prevalent, security standards and guidelines were developed and published at a rapid pace, sometimes with the potential for diminished information sharing. Today's solutions must satisfy these security standards while maintaining the collaboration and productivity improvements provided by modern computing platforms. We need to develop innovative solutions that take advantage of the new style of IT, yet provide more comprehensive levels of security and assurance."

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AMAG Technology Mr. Robert Sawyer, President & CEO, AMAG Technology, Inc., told us, "AMAG's Symmetry Security Management System provides a powerful integrated solution for organizations requiring automated security. Solutions are available for facilities of any size -- from small offices requiring just a few card readers or cameras to large corporations or high security facilities spread over multiple sites and countries. In addition to our Symmetry access control software and intelligent controllers, we offer Symmetry Video Management with Visualizer Encoders and Symmetry Intrusion Detection to provide our customers with a total solution. We are also getting ready to launch our own network camera line, truly making AMAG a one stop shop for a total security solution. In addition, we integrate with best-in-breed technology partners in the industry to offer in-demand solutions to our customers."

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Navy Rear Adm. (Ret.) Elizabeth A. Hight, Vice President, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, HP Enterprise Services U.S. Public Sector, Cybersecurity for U.S. Public Sector, told us, "Defending everything is, for all practical purposes, impossible in today's globally interconnected and networked world. Let's examine further to understand that. First, the software we use is complex, was usually developed by a third party to be run on a wide range of operating systems and the traditional "stack" is comprised of heterogeneous components all operating in a mixture of security configurations/postures. Second, our "wireless" world is dominated by thinking developed during the "hard-wired" era---practices, processes, and assumptions that were honed over the years for physically networked connections. In addition, the number of hardware and software vendors have exploded in the last decade as have the technological advancements in networking, storage, computing, and data manipulation. The integration of components developed by the same vendor is hard enough..just imagine the effort to bring all of these pieces and parts together and the resultant security implications of that effort. Finally, the way users interact with data to accomplish their mission or business outcomes anywhere, anytime, over a variety of networks and devices all lend itself to a cybersecurity challenge that is growing in magnitude.

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Mr. Richard S. Brent, C.E.O., Louroe Electronics, told us, "The application of audio monitoring enables many options for the professional integrator of security systems. Within the security marketplace there are several vertical sectors such as access control, perimeter management, loss prevention, and life safety. Outside security industry uses the opportunity for is virtually endless. Audio monitoring for patient services such as sleep treatment labs, and operating centers, family programs, such as child protective services are another non-security application. The Entertainment Industry such as casinos and theme parks. House of worship facilities are also a market for our products. Louroe Electronics provides integrated security solutions for a plethora of commercial environments.

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Mrs. Ulrica de-Fort Menares, Director of Product Management for Cisco Medianet, told us, "An intelligent network must become more application-savvy. It must have the ability to determine the importance of a session based on its business value, and treat the session accordingly, end to end. One of the key medianet characteristics is its ability to become media-aware. Imagine this: The network can discover the type of endpoint and automatically configure the switch port for that type of device. This ability to plug and play any endpoint in the network is an example of tight integration between an intelligent network and an endpoint."

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Cisco recently announced Video Surveillance Manager 7.0, the industry's first solution built from the ground-up and certified to run in Cisco's virtualized Unified Computing System (UCS) environments. These new solutions now make it possible for customers in healthcare, public sector and retail to move beyond traditional basic safety and security surveillance deployments and use video to transform the way they run their businesses through hyper-scalability and ease of configuration. For more information:

Sentry 360
Mr. Thomas Carnevale, President and CEO, Sentry360, told us, "2012 brought several exciting flagship projects and record deployments for Oil and Gas, transportation & retail markets. All of Sentry360’s cameras are securing JFK Airport Terminal 1. After an extensive product evaluation cycle by the end-user sentry360 were selected over the competition.

In the retail space Sentry360 was selected as the megapixel camera of choice for Microsoft’s Retail division. Sentry360 products were also chosen to secure several hundred natural gas fueling centers reducing their camera counts and improving while delivering forensic detail of license plates upon entrance and exits with our InSight™ 5 megapixel cameras and 360-degree coverage with our FullSight™ Omni-directional cameras. "

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Sentry360 Partner Portal: Calculate Field-of-View, Image Quality & Storage/Bandwith along with tutorial and training videos we believe our portal is one of the most uniqe feature rich design tools for IP Video on the market and it's Free.

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ImageWare Systems recently announced, “In addition to product development, ImageWare has been preparing for a major international deployment as the exclusive provider of biometric identity management for a prime contractor installing cargo scanning security at the Republic of Ecuador's major seaports. The initial deployment is currently scheduled to begin in the early part of 2013 at the Port of Guayaquil, the country's main seaport that handles a majority of its imports and exports. ImageWare expects to receive a fee for every port worker receiving credentials, as well as an annual management and maintenance fee, based on a percentage of the initial credentialing cost per worker. Depending upon the number of enrollees, the company expects the contract value to exceed $3.0 million over its seven year term.

"The high-end biometric secure credentialing solution we are providing for Ecuador is the same technology being deployed for the Los Angeles World Airports, which we announced earlier this year," noted Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO. "In fact, we can easily replicate this platform for virtually any port system that needs transportation worker identification cards in order to comply with the SAFE Port Act. Not only are our solutions easily deployable, for ImageWare they generally represent gross margins above 70% as well as a recurring revenue stream. Our unique patented technology has the potential to provide us strong, steady revenue growth, along with excellent forward-looking visibility."

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Precise Biometrics
Mr. Michael Harris, Chief Technology Officer, Precise Biometrics, said, "We have secured our position as the leading provider for Match-on-Card within national identity cards and the deployment of desktop readers for government logical access. As enterprises, such as this leading automobile manufacturer, are now migrating from desktops to mobile, we are ready to support them with our Tactivo product line. Using Tactivo enables the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative to become a reality as it fully supports the same security infrastructures deployed across desktops around the world. We are truly bridging the gap between corporate and enterprise IT security rules and the ease of use the user community expects."

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Videx CyberLock

Water treatment facilities are uniquely difficult to secure as bringing an audit-capable security solution to remote and widespread locations poses a challenge for traditional access control solutions. Water facilities need solutions that allow them to secure perimeters, track the movements of individuals, and prevent unauthorized access to their physical assets.

A large water utility in Australia began their search to improve access control and secure their geographically widespread infrastructure that spans across 23,938 square miles and serves a population of approximately 70,000 people. After extensive research, the utility chose the CyberLock system for its versatility, superior security features, and ease of installation.

Now each employee needs only one key to access any lock they’ve been assigned access privileges. Security has improved as lost or stolen keys are now easily blocked. Since installation, they have rolled out the system through their entire infrastructure. CyberLock cylinders now secure the entire pipeline system and hundreds of locks are installed in pump stations, switchboards, wastewater treatment plants, and depot facilities.

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Keep Your IP recently announced their cooperation with global standards provider, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) in an attempt to expand the scope of several of their standards and categories wherein the Keep Your IP line of IP forwarding services can become certified.

At present, UL’s Certification of Alarm Services is specific to protected properties and has some limits. These limits include the aspects of the telecommunications infrastructure within the service. UL Alarm Service Certificates currently specify that their Certificates do not apply to the communications channel between the protected property and any facility that monitors signals from the protected property.

Keep Your IP’s service, and its supporting hardware, lie in the communications channel between protected property and the monitoring facility which presently puts it outside the scope of UL’s Certification.

Davin Roos, President of KYI, Inc. says, “We are very excited to assist UL in establishing a category that will address new technological advancements on communications within the alarm industry”

“Today’s technology makes it possible for innovators to deliver an amazing array of new and beneficial services. Helping organizations bring those services into the market in a way that preserves the integrity of the public’s security is a big part of UL’s mission.” stated Steve Schmit, Engineering Manager at UL LLC out of Northbrook, IL. “We look forward to working with Keep Your IP and the entire industry on Certification solutions that bring trust and confidence to all stakeholders.”

UL has confirmed that an alarm company’s use of the Keep Your IP service would not impact their Listing or Certification status in any way.

To that end, UL has communicated their desire to better accommodate the rapidly changing communications infrastructure and hope to have an offering that fits the Keep Your IP product in the not too distant future, possibly as early as the first quarter of 2013.

Keep Your IP also recently announced a major reseller agreement with COPS Monitoring, one of the country's largest wholesale monitoring companies.

KYI, Inc. and COPS Monitoring have signed an agreement wherein COPS will offer the complete lineup of Keep Your IP services to their approximately 3,500 dealers.

Keep Your IP is considered the industry’s first and only internet IPv4 forwarding service designed exclusively for the alarm industry. Keep Your IP services will be both a tool to increase value for the alarm dealer by giving them better control over of their accounts as well as critical IP disaster recovery support service for the Central Station.

Davin Roos, president of KYI, Inc. says, “By providing alarm professionals with their own secure IPv4 numbered address, they get the peace of mind of knowing that as their business grows and merges into the new internet IP based world, they will be able to direct that growth as they desire.”

"COPS Monitoring continually searches for ways to offer leading-edge services to help our dealers prosper,” added Jim McMullen, President and COO of COPS Monitoring. “We are proud to offer Keep Your IP's services and we’re confident that our dealers will see the advantages of having the flexibility and assurances they can offer."

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SIA Government 2013 Summit
Washington, DC / June 4-5
W Hotel / 515 5th St. NW / Washington, DC

* Join your security industry colleagues on Capitol Hill
* Meet with members of Congress and staff
* Engage with speakers and attend sessions on issues important to the industry

Bob Woodward to be keynote speaker at Government Summit 2013
Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and best-selling author, Bob Woodward will be the keynote speaker at the Security Industry Association's (SIA) Government Summit.

Mr. Woodward has been hailed as one of the greatest journalists of all time. He has spent more than four decades as a reporter and associate editor for the Washington Post. He is the recipient of almost every major American journalism award, including the Gerald R. Ford Prize for Reporting on the Presidency. His work early in his career on the Watergate scandal with colleague Carl Bernstein helped the Post win the Pulitzer Prize in 1973. His remarkable role as the main reporter for the Washington Post on the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks contributed to another Pulitzer, the National Affairs Pulitzer Prize, in 2002.


Westin Westminster / Westminster Colorado
May 6-10, 2013

PSA Security Network's signature event, PSA-TEC, will take place at the Westin Westminster in beautiful Westminster, Colorado May 6-10, 2013 with the exhibit floor open on Wednesday, May 8. PSA-TEC 2013 offers hundreds of hours of education and networking, focusing on Business Optimization, Physical Security, IT, Managed Services, and Industry and Manufacturer certifications -- all specific to the physical security professional.

PSA-TEC is open to all industry professionals. From TECHS to EXECS we offer all of the training for all levels and roles, all in one location. In addition to the many educational courses and tradeshow, PSA-TEC also offers many networking opportunities for attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors alike. From gold sponsored hospitality suites to casual gatherings, such as our annual jam session and bowling tournament, there is something for everybody.

For a limited time, attendees can take advantage of early-bird pricing to receive a discounted rate on the registration fee. Please visit for more details and to register for courses and TEC networking events.

PSA-TEC, because it's your job to know!

Contact PSA, and we can help you get started. Visit , call 303-450-3461, or email

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