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Mr. Net Payne
Chief Marketing Officer
March Networks

An Infinova Company 

Updated July 2014

A Recipe for Boosting Profits

In a competitive industry where 'quick is king,' even video surveillance systems should be tailored for efficiency. Quick service restaurant (QSR) owners need an intelligent video solution that puts pertinent information at their fingertips.  With an estimated 75 percent of inventory shortages in QSRs attributable to employee theft, according to the National Restaurant Association, spending just 15 minutes a day reveiwing a concise report of suspicious transactions can boost revenue by 10 per cent. (PDF - Page 106) 

Hybrid Recorders Can Be a Revenue Source for Installers & Integrators

June 2014 -- Whether gradually migrating a customer from analog to IP or simply getting the two to ‘play nicely’ in the same system, hybrid recorders can be a revenue source for installers and integrators.  In determining whether a hybrid recorder is right for a situation or evaluating multiple options, there are a number of factors that go into making the best decision. Naturally, the first is what the end user is looking for with their system.

March Networks Announces High-Performance 6700 Series Hybrid NVR Platform and Edge 4e Encoder

June 17, 2014 — March Networks®, a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions, is pleased to introduce its new6700 Series Hybrid Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and the Edge 4e Encoder. The high-performance products support a cost-effective transition to high-definition (HD) IP video and advanced business intelligence applications, while providing unparalleled reliability and browser-based video management. In addition, the 6700 Series recording platform incorporates privacy masking and other privacy protection features to meet varying video surveillance guidelines across Europe. 

Updated April 2, 2014

March Networks announced that...

Pelco IP Cameras Now Integrated with March Networks' Command Video Management System

March Networks and Software House Deliver Integrated Video Surveillance and Access Control Management

New March Networks Video Intelligence Software Delivers Enhanced Browser-Based Management and Investigation

Updated March 26, 2014

March Networks®, a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions, today announced that America’s largest wine and spirits superstoreTotal Wine & More has standardized on its next-generation retail video surveillance solution. The privately-owned chain is using the March Networks offering to maintain its strong security and loss prevention efforts across 100 outlets located in 15 states, and to capture clear video evidence to assist with liability protection as it grows its e-commerce business.

Total Wine, which is adding 12-15 new stores annually, transitioned to the March Networks 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs and Visual Intelligence software when it began opening Internet fulfilment centers in its stores. The 25,000-square-foot retail outlets hold nearly 14,000 types of wines, beers and spirits and feature walk-in cigar humidors and keg rooms, wine tasting areas and classrooms. While existing analog cameras are in place to monitor the stores’ public areas, Total Wine needed high-definition (HD) IP cameras to capture essential data when packaging bottles that could retail for up to $2,000. The 8000 Series recorders can support a mix of analog and IP cameras or as many as 32 IP cameras, giving Total Wine the freedom to transition to HD video cost-effectively as its business requirements evolve.

“We didn’t want to abandon our analog cameras, and the March Networks solution allowed us to add more IP cameras to our build-out where and when we needed them,” said Total Wine Senior Project Manager Mark Ganter. “We’re very happy with the solution and the support we have received. We have such vast coverage that we can see almost every part of a store, and we now use the video surveillance system if we need to investigate a problem or inspect an area in any of our stores.”

Total Wine operates mini-fulfillment centers within select stores, where product is pulled from the shelves, packaged and shipped to customers by courier. IP cameras in the fulfillment rooms capture images of the bottles, shipping information and labels for proof of packaging and delivery. Additional IP cameras are positioned to capture the pickup by the courier, at which time all liability transfers to the courier. If the need arises, Total Wine can review its video archives to retrace the steps of the fulfillment process and verify exact details.

The high-performance March Networks 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs provide the retailer with unparalleled reliability and scale, centralized system management and the ability to remotely access live and recorded video. In the future, Total Wine may also take advantage of video analytics and software applications available in the March Networks retail portfolio for expanded loss prevention, operations and marketing intelligence.

“Our experience working with some of the world’s largest retailers has resulted in our next-generation offering, which is ideally suited to help organizations like Total Wine & More protect and grow their business and optimize operations,” said Net Payne, Chief Marketing Officer, March Networks. “Retailers are using video-based intelligence to better protect assets, prevent losses, enhance security and increase profits in the process. The technology is now considered a competitive advantage rather than just a security system.”

For more information, please visit the March Networks News Center Thank you for joining us today, Net. Congratulations on the branding you have achieved for March Networks through an extensive distribution and partner network in more than 50 countries. Before drilling down into recent events and your key target markets, please give us a brief corporate history and tell us about your background.

Net Payne:  March Networks is a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions.  For more than a decade, our company has helped some of the world’s largest commercial and government organizations transition from analog CCTV to advanced IP video surveillance technologies used for security, loss prevention, risk mitigation and operational efficiency. We have a rich history in IP video networking, and are recognized industry-wide for delivering enterprise-class products that are highly reliable, scalable and easily managed.

March Networks is ranked the #1 provider of enterprise digital video recorders (DVRs) in the Americas, as well as the #1 supplier of video surveillance equipment to the Americas’ banking market (IHS Inc., formerly IMS Research).  While our video surveillance solutions can be used in a variety of industries and applications, we focus in particular on providing the financial and retail markets with integrated solutions that help them increase profits and realize faster returns on their technology investments. We are also a leader in providing mobile video surveillance solutions to bus and light rail transit authorities.

As for my background, I joined March Networks about three years ago as Chief Marketing Officer responsible for global brand, marketing and product development strategies.  My previous experience includes more than 18 years of enterprise marketing in senior positions with telecommunications organizations including Nortel Networks, Sprint Corporation and most recently Avaya Inc. where I served as VP of U.S. Marketing. March Networks has a significant leadership position in the banking vertical with more than 450 financial customers installations worldwide, including 6 out of 10 of the largest USA banks, 5 out of 7 of the largest banks in Mexico, and a majority of the largest banks in Canada. What is the solution March Networks delivers to the banking and credit union space?

Net Payne:  We understand that organizations can never afford to lose their video, and that’s especially true in the financial industry. We also recognize that a majority of banks and credit unions want rich features to speed fraud investigations, support for a pragmatic migration path to IP, and the ability to extend their video investments to improve business operations.

Based on more than a decade working with leading banks and credit unions, we’ve developed a complete financial portfolio that addresses all of those requirements and is targeted specifically to that market. Our integrated solution includes: the industry’s most reliable hybrid recorders ranging from 32-channel models to a 4-channel unit designed for installation in ATMs; enterprise-class video management software; advanced investigation and case management tools; and IP cameras purpose-built for banking environments. It also includes intelligent Searchlight software applications, which enable banks and credit unions to search on correlated surveillance video, transaction data, license plate numbers, faces and colors across all locations concurrently. With Searchlight, financial institutions are able to detect fraud faster, stop it sooner, strengthen case evidence and significantly reduce losses from ATM skimming, cash harvesting and other crime.

Many of our financial customers have trusted our solutions for 10+ years and continue to deploy and upgrade their March Networks solutions, which is probably the best testament to the quality of our offering for the industry. Several of those customers are highlighted on our website at Retail is another key target market for March Networks and this testimonial from Mr. Tyson Smith, IT Director at Hideaway Pizza, speaks volumes about your capabilities in this market: “Deterring and minimizing losses due to theft impacts the bottom line, but the true success of a restaurant is measured by the performance of the kitchen and wait staff, interactions with customers, and the quality of its food, and we are using the March Networks video surveillance platform to help our restaurants excel in all of these areas.” Please tell us more about the solutions March Networks delivers here and in the retail space in general.

Net Payne: Similar to our approach for the financial market, our retail solutions are integrated, end-to-end and highly reliable. Retailers face some distinct challenges that video surveillance can help address in measureable and cost-effective ways, and those are the areas we target with our solutions.

One area, of course, is using intelligent video to help stem losses from shrink, which cost retailers worldwide upwards of $100 billion in 2011, according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer. March Networks Searchlight™ for Retail provides loss prevention investigators with advanced search tools, including integrated video and point-of-sale transaction data, that help them identify theft and fraud quickly and efficiently, and build strong case evidence to speed recoveries or support successful prosecutions.

Another area where our Searchlight application can offer real benefits is in helping store owners and managers quickly and easily monitor stores to improve operations. Searchlight offers retailers automated, daily reports complete with exact times, dates, receipt data and associated still images captured by surveillance cameras in each store. There’s no need to sort through complex software or select cameras. A quick service restaurant owner, for example, can simply pull up the reports and quickly scan them each day to see if their merchandise displays at the register are optimized for upsell opportunities, if staff are wearing the proper uniforms, if the tables are cleared, and confirm that current in-store promotional signage is in place. If something seems odd or out of place, they can simply click a link to watch the recorded video for more detail. As part of our complete retail solution – which also includes high-performance hybrid video recorders, powerful video management software and a portfolio of IP cameras ideal for use in retail environments – Searchlight differentiates our offering for the retail market.
March Networks also provides solutions to the government, critical infrastructure, and airports & seaports. Please tell us more. Any particular “wins” or case studies you’d like to discuss in this sector?

Net Payne: Because our systems are reliable and easy to manage from a central location, they do work well in a variety of applications. In addition, our Command video management system (VMS) offers a browser-based client that allows customers to not only access live and archived video, but also fully configure and administer the system with that client. This is a key differentiator and a capability our customers appreciate.

A number of our government, airport, education and commercial-industrial customers are highlighted on our website at, and several of them are taking advantage of our IP video solutions to do more than straight physical security.

Christchurch International Airport Ltd., for example, is using our solution to help better allocate gates for incoming flights and respond to inquiries at unattended parking gates. The airport even set up a video monitor at an offsite taxi station so drivers can see when and where more taxis are needed at the airport and head to the right stand to fill the gap. The Canadian Tire Centre (formerly Scotiabank Place), which is home of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators, also uses live video to make life easier for its customers. In addition to security applications, the sports and entertainment facility uses our solution to monitor live video from March Networks roof-mounted PTZ IP cameras to help manage traffic lights and ease congestion before and after events, working in conjunction with city transportation staff. It’s a small thing that can make a big difference for tens of thousands of fans all trying to leave the facility following an NHL game or live concert. These are just a few examples of how organizations are using existing video security to extract real business value from their systems.  
You have some pretty dramatic examples on your website of how video from your mobile video surveillance systems have been used by transit authorities to help identify suspects. Can you share a bit about that part of your portfolio?

Net Payne: Sure. The transportation market – specifically bus and light rail fleets – has been very strong for us for many years now. Again, transit authorities have different needs when it comes to surveillance, most obviously because they are concerned about security on moving vehicles as well as at stations, depots and park-and-rides.

Our mobile video recorders are arguably the most reliable in the industry. We designed them to withstand the unique challenges of bus/light rail installation, including resistance to shock, vibration, dust, water and electromagnetic interference. They can even withstand explosions and continue to work (Watch the video).

In addition, our mobile systems support multi-system wireless access, automated video extraction, integration of video with GPS and vehicle data, high-quality video capture and storage capacity, and full remote management capabilities. These are all critical features for transit operators, who are focused on keeping their fleets safe, secure and in service.

Having high-quality video evidence is paramount for transit authorities. It can lead to the identification of unknown suspects, and serve as irrefutable evidence when crimes are committed, as these two videos on our website demonstrate:

Clear Video Evidence Helps Identify Man Following Assault on California Bus
Vivid Surveillance Video Evidence Helps Convict TTC Bus Shooter
Video evidence is also invaluable for transit agencies that unfortunately have to combat false liability claims that can otherwise cost thousands or even millions of dollars. 
Let’s talk about the March Networks product line which makes all of this possible. Please give us an overview of the March Networks product line and the Company’s’ evolution from a DVR company to an open solutions provider?

Net Payne:  We’re proud to offer a complete IP video portfolio, with products that are open and standards-based. Our product line includes our Command VMS and browser-based client software, and our high-performance 8000 Series Hybrid Network Video Recorder (NVR) platform, available in 32, 16, 8 and compact 4-channel models. It also includes high-definition IP cameras, encoders, video analytics and intelligent Searchlight video applications for financial and retail customers – all complemented by our outstanding professional and managed services. Which new products/solutions did March Networks showcase at ASIS this year?

Net Payne:  Our new MegaPX 360 Indoor Dome IP camera garnered a lot of attention at the ASIS 2013 exhibition in Chicago this past September, and we’ve also seen a great response from our customer base. We developed this camera for organizations that want to capture high-definition, panoramic overviews of their entire retail banking branch, convenience store or similarly-sized locations with a single camera rather than multiple surveillance cameras.  The camera features a digital PTZ capability that allows banks and credit unions to zoom in on a scene and capture multiple views at the same time. And unlike some other 360 cameras on the market, the video is de-warped in our browser-based Command client software rather than by the camera, so you can go back to the recorded panoramic view and zoom in on a scene you might not have even known you’d need at the time of recording.

ASIS was also the first time we introduced our complete 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs at a major event. These next-generation recorders deliver the same reliability, centralized management and crystal-clear image quality customers have come to expect from March Networks, in a platform designed to support video surveillance requirements today and well into the future. Available in 32, 16, 8 and compact 4-channel models, the 8000 Series allows customers to make the most of existing analog camera investments and combine that with HD IP cameras. They can also move to 100% IP video recording on the same platform when the time is right.  We also incorporated industry-first features in the 8000 Series that streamline technical support for installers and reduce customer service costs. These include our popular docking station design, and a QR code on each NVR that works in conjunction with our free GURU smartphone application to provide immediate access to product information, warranty checks, express repair processing and troubleshooting tutorials in the field.  We are no doubt increasingly going “mobile” to access the “cloud”, please tell us about March Networks GURU Smartphone Application?

Net Payne:  I’d be happy to. March Networks GURU is our free, industry-first smartphone application, which we developed to help our partners save time and money in the field. GURU frees partners from typically time-consuming tasks by automating product warranty and RMA shipment status lookups, and providing an interactive LED utility for immediate NVR diagnostics. When used in conjunction with the QR codes included on the front panel of each of our 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs, GURU’s one-touch express RMA completely eliminates the hassle of repair processing requests. The app is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, and is available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play.