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Mr. Bill Dempsey
Chief Executive Officer
Stanley Security Solutions
Sargent and Greenleaf, Inc. Thanks for joining us today, Bill. There seems to be quite a buzz in the high security container community about the new Sargent & Greenleaf® Model 2740 High Security Lock. We understand that it has been specifically designed to secure GSA approved security containers. The OEMs seem interested.

Bill Dempsey: They're very interested. It's the first time they've had a GSA approved choice other than the Kaba Mas X-09. But their interest stems from more than simply having a choice; they're seeing that the S&G 2740 offers benefits that the competition just can't deliver. Let me ask you about your GSA approval. The federal FF-L-2740A is a very tough specification to achieve, right?

Bill Dempsey: Precisely, and that's why for so many years there was only one GSA approved solution. But with the S&G 2740, that's all changed. The S&G 2740 has been GSA approved and deemed appropriate for safes, security files, vault doors, and is on the federal Qualified Product List or QPL. And while it adheres to the same specs as the Kaba Mas X-09, the two locks are really quite different and we feel the new technology we've incorporated into the S&G 2740 really sets it apart. Okay, so what are the advantages the users of the S&G 2740 experience over the X-09 by Kaba Mas?

Bill Dempsey: First and foremost is security. Because this lock is used on security containers that protect classified information, security is of the utmost importance. This is why our new design does not contain any electronics on the outside of the container. All electronics and cables are housed in the lock itself, mounted inside the container. This is a huge step forward from a security standpoint. With all the electronics inside the lock, how does that impact installation?

Bill Dempsey: That's a great question because our other key competitive advantage revolves around ease of installation. During the development phase customers told us that installing the competitor's product was time-consuming and complicated. However, the S&G 2740 installs quickly and easily with far fewer parts. There are no delicate cables to contend with or tubes to cut. In fact, for installers familiar with standard mechanical combination locks, our 2740 installs in the same fashion. In the end, this means installers save time and money. You mentioned technology, what's new about the lock from a technological perspective?

Bill Dempsey: Well the big difference is that while the Kaba Mas X09 has always been self-powered, the S&G 2740 is powered by a pair of common lithium power cells. This means instant, reliable, power up. With a projected life of 10+ years, you simply replace the batteries to extend the lock's life rather than replacing the entire mechanism, which unfortunately many users of the competitor's lock have had to do. We even replace and ship the batteries at no cost to the user. The battery power solution is based on American technology that was designed to be a step forward from the conventional "dial generated" power featured on the Kaba lock. You talk about American technology, aren't the Swiss known for lock design?

Bill Dempsey: I would say they're recognized for precision, but not necessarily creativity. The S&G 2740 really is an example of good old-fashioned American ingenuity. Designers from our Lexington Kentucky R&D team invested years to really deliver a solution that would provide both the uncompromised security and the lower cost of ownership that today's facilities security officers (FSOs) demand. You mentioned American ingenuity, isn't S&G an American owned company?

Bill Dempsey: Right. We're the only FF-L-2740A GSA approved security lock maker that is American owned. Our manufacturing facility in Lexington proudly employs American workers and our sales, which are taxpayer dollars, stay here in America. Do you have any follow-on products relating to the S&G 2740 lock that you can talk about?

Bill Dempsey: We have a PDL (Pedestrian Door Lock) version also available now as well as a product extension in the development pipeline right now. It is due out soon. It is designed to meet the requirements of the new federal specification FF-L-2890B. It's a Pedestrian Door Lock solution that incorporates our S&G 2740 lock. The most common application for this product will be installation onto SCIF doors. What resources are available for your customers, decision makers, influencers, and integrators at or

Bill Dempsey: At we have many 2740 resources. One can find data sheets, operating instructions, installation instructions, and installation videos. You can also find a trained 2740 technician should you need one. Another useful link is to the DoD Lock Program website. On this site they have information about the 2740 and you can see the QPL listing which contains the S&G 2740. Here's the link in case your readers want to take a look:
As we create new and exciting 2740 materials, we'll be sure to post them to our website, so be sure to check back often. Thanks again for joining us today, Bill.

Bill Dempsey: My pleasure! Thanks for giving me this opportunity to speak with your readers about our new S&G 2740. We look forward to continuing to provide high quality, high security locking solutions to government for many years to come.